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*This waiver is optional. The cleaning waiver is purchased so that we will clean the inflatable for you. The inflatable must be in the same condition that it was delivered. This means that it must be free of but not limited to mud, dirt, leaves, and grass if you opted out of not purchasing the waiver. If you purchase the cleaning waiver you will not be responsible for cleaning the inflatable. If this is not purchased please ensure that there are not any items left inside of the inflatable, and no food is allowed inside. If a water slide is purchased, please ensure there is no mud, dirt, or grass inside. If the above is not done you will be charged a minimum of $100.00 but not limited to for it to be cleaned per unit. The damage waiver portion covers normal wear and tear on the inflatable. It does not cover silly string, any device used for markings such as but not limited to pencil, pens, markers, paint, etc. Any damage caused by sharp objects. Also any damage caused by not following the rules that is listed on the inflatable or your contract.

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